Top Performance Wheel Brands


When it comes to performance, nothing plays such a crucial role as the wheels and tyres. Keeping your vehicle in contact with the pavement while racing around corners and taking off from a start line is absolutely essential, however a lightweight set of wheels from a reliable brand is where most people run into problems.

To help you find the perfect set of alloy wheels to significantly boost the performance and handling of your vehicle we’ve compiled a list of the top performance wheel brands below. Read more about each brand to learn more and help narrow down your search as you hunt for the perfect set of wheels for your car!

Top Performance Wheel Brands

  1. 1.    Enkei

Enkei is best known for their performance series wheels that truly help give a car that competitive edge on the track. With some amazing spoke designs and incredibly lightweight frames, a driver can’t go wrong when they have some Enkei wheels on their vehicle!

Additionally, Enkei racing wheels also have a very unique designs setting them apart from competitors. Offered in black, chrome, or even a gold finish, you can create a custom look for your performance vehicle while dramatically improving its handling simply by adding on a set of Enkei wheels!

  1. 2.    ASA

ASA stands for Artisan Spirited Alloy and, true to their name, their alloy wheels are carefully crafted and designed by highly trained artisans allowing you to have maximum performance on the track. These aftermarket alloy wheels have been a popular choice for performance vehicles since the 90’s, and the ASA racing wheels are now some of the highest rated performance wheel options on the market!

  1. 3.    Advanti Racing

Fashioned in the likeness of luxury car wheels, racing wheels from Advanti Racing can complete the look of any performance vehicle and dramatically improve its aesthetic appeal. These wheels are some of the highest quality options on the market for racing and performance because Advanti uses meticulous casting techniques to ensure that each wheel is flawless.

Available in matte black, red, chrome, and silver, you’ll be able to completely customize the look of your vehicle when you purchase a set of Advanti Racing wheels!

  1. 4.    Motegi

Not only will your vehicle have the dramatically increased performance and handling that it should with a new set of aftermarket alloy wheels, but your vehicle will also look racing ready as well thanks to Motegi racing series wheels.

These wheels have iconic spokes that will truly amp up the visual appeal of your car. Additionally they have tons of finishes allowing you to create a unique look that sets your car apart and attracts the attention and envy it should!

Available in a range of sizes and styles, you can find what you want at incredibly low prices and still be guaranteed with a full one year warranty and a lifetime warranty against defects of the structure!

  1. 5.    57Motorsport

Outfit your vehicle with some street legal racing wheels that not only weigh next to nothing when compared to other options, but are also specifically designed to mimic the properties of a forged wheel – the very rigid and non-flexing properties that many find so crucial to racing wheels. Despite their unique qualities, 57Motorsport wheels are still some of the most affordable on the market and still exceed all of the industry standards set before them!

  1. 6.    BBS

Not one to compromise style with price or quality, BBS racing wheels offer what many thought was impossible before: a lightweight high quality set of racing wheels that look fantastic and withstand almost anything you throw at them!

These extra tough wheels are phenomenal and are cast using a counter pressure method. You definitely won’t find a likeness in quality or design similar to BBS racing wheels for the price of them!

  1. 7.    AMG

AMG, or Mercedes-AMG, was set up clear back in 1967 and has been continuously working to improve and expand on their racing wheels. Engineers have worked to design some absolutely phenomenal alloy wheels that combine quality, beauty, and performance all in one.

While you may find that AMG wheels cost a fraction more than competitors, you will find that the improved performance and outstanding design truly is worth it!

  1. 8.    OZ Racing

OZ is a well-known Italian company that produces some of the world’s finest wheels. They have several lines including OZ Racing, OZ XLine, MSW, Sparco wheels, and OZ Motorbike, however if you are looking for performance and style, then you’re going to want to hit up their Racing line!

Choose your own custom color on some of their finest racing wheels, and enjoy completing the look of your performance car with this awesome set. OZ Racing offers a plethora of designs and spoke styles so you can choose what works best not only for your budget, but for the overall look of your vehicle!


With so many manufactures to choose from, it is important to find the right one that is backed by years of experience and countless positive reviews. Whether you simply want some normal 4WD mag wheels, or you are looking for a unique spoke set of racing wheels available in a custom color, choosing from the best manufactures for performance wheels will help you get an excellent value for your money!


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